Purchasing studio apartments in Cyprus or even an inexpensive Cyprus apartment will cost you very little money as the prices of Cyprus property for sale are so low at the moment, you will quite amazed when you see what great value they are.

Grab yourself a map of Cyprus and have a look at the Island; she is only small but very diverse. There are glorious beaches and also two mountain ranges. The weather in Cyprus can become extremely hot during the summer months but a trip to the mountains will be a welcome break from this heat as it is always a few degrees cooler.

Where would I invest my money is a question that has been asked by many. Well firstly you will need to decide whether you want a coastal property or on further inland or even in the mountains. Mountain properties are usually slightly cheaper than a coastal property, imagine sitting on your inexpensive Cyprus apartment terrace on a balmy summers night sipping ice cold ouzo whilst you are listening to the pine trees rustling in the wind, wonderful…

Your inexpensive Cyprus apartment or any of the Studio apartments in Cyprus will be highly sought after as rental properties particularly during the summer months, so your property investment could earn you an income whilst you are not using it, coupled with the fact that Cyprus property for sale is starting to rise in price, you could have a nice little nest egg awaiting you in a few years.

Weather is Cyprus is wonderful, around 320 days of sunshine per year and there is often snow in the mountains during December to March so you could ski in the mornings and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon, where else could you do that?

Investing in an inexpensive Cyprus apartment could possibly be the best thing you could do, imagine owning your own little piece of the Island of love. There are many that have already done so and are about to embark on their second piece whilst prices are still good value. If you don’t want to lose out on some fantastic bargains you had better act quickly as these prices won’t stay low for long.

Life in the Mediterranean is slow, relaxed, peaceful and leisurely. Less stress and a healthier way of eating, this all makes for a better you. You will find quite often that the salads that you eat at dinner have been picked fresh that day and it tastes wonderful, we thoroughly recommend it. Fresh fruit takes on a whole new flavour and you should see the size of the melons….

You will find plenty to do all year round, in the summer months there are many water sports on offer and there are also a number of water parks which are fantastic fun. Walking is great as there is so much to see and so many species of animals and plants, some of which are unique to the Island. A walk to the top of the mountain is a long haul and will be so rewarding as you will find that the views are spectacular,

If you are still undecided as to whether you should invest in Cyprus property for sale, why not book one of those cheap flights to Cyprus and take a good look for yourself. An inexpensive Cyprus apartment is just that – inexpensive.

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