Apartments in Columbus, Ohio For OSU Students

Living in a dormitory at any university can be tough, but living in one at Ohio State University, one of the largest universities in the United States can be unbearable. Getting an apartment in Columbus can be liberating and surprisingly affordable. Columbus, Ohio is the largest city in the state, so finding apartments should be a relative breeze, but knowing some of the in and outs of finding the right apartment, in the right area of Columbus, can make all the difference, especially if you are a student at Ohio State University.

Ohio State University, or OSU, is the largest campus in the United States, and sprawls just north of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Finding an apartment around the area is not altogether difficult. Finding an apartment that is cost efficient right next to OSU campus, however, can prove to be a challenge, so try looking for apartments in the Columbus downtown area or Arena District.

There are several neighbourhoods in Columbus that have affordable apartments both close and distant from the Ohio State University Campus. The Short North, the German Village, Franklington (also called “the Bottoms”) and “The Hilltop” are all located around the Columbus downtown and Metro area. OSU is relatively close to small towns such as Clintonville and San Margherita as well, which are accessible by bike and public transport.

The Central Ohio Transit Authority, also known as COTA, which is a great way to get around the city if you do not have a car or are on a budget, serves those living in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State University students, who are living in apartments off campus in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, can take advantage of the bus system by participating in the Park and Ride locations scheme scattered around the city. Park and Ride allow you to bring your car into Columbus, park, then ride a bus onto the OSU campus. This saves you on parking fees, and makes the inner city a little less congested. Bike and Bus is another option available on the COTA service. You can bike from your apartment into the greater Columbus area to a Bike and Bus location. Here you can attach your bike to a rack on the bus. As winters can be quite cold in Columbus, Ohio, this is a great way to get a little exercise, and then let the public transportation system do the rest of the work. COTA gives a special education pass to OSU students called a Buck-I-D, which a student can flash to the bus driver whenever he or she needs a ride.

To find the right apartment in Columbus, Ohio as an OSU student, have a look at apartment search sites. Visit the OSU campus and get an understanding of the city, and get a feel for how easy it would be to get from the places you are interested in, the campus, and local amenities.

Columbus apartments are great to live in. It is a vibrant city with amazing apartments starting at affordable prices. Nothing beats getting out of the dormitory and into your own space. You can find peace while studying, and a life outside of student affairs. You may even find that you want to stay in Columbus after university has ended. Stranger things have happened.

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