Epic EMR Integration is a health care system that aims to bring together different elements such as applications, hardware, and the EMR software. This system provides the latest EMR platform which integrates various components such as patient information systems, enterprise data management, and communication systems. These components include a PDA, mobile devices, application software, desktop computers, web-based applications, and a secure internet connection. It also provides complete integration services for the complete lifecycle management of an individual patient’s health records. The system was launched in September 2021.

Epic Systems Corporation, or Epic Medical Inc., is a privately held medical information technology company based in San Diego, California. According to the company, several hospitals that use its systems held records of more than 54 percent of all patients in the United States last year and 2.5 percent of all patients globally. With the help of hosted private cloud and the epi-med application software, the entire system is made possible in the enterprise data center. The most vital component of this system is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software.

Integrate all the necessary modules into an EMR platform

EMR is designed to integrate all the necessary modules into an EMR platform that allows the integration of the medical information software with other applications. The cloud-based system of EMR is considered one of the best solutions for the electronic medical record implementation because it provides versatility and accessibility to all types of application software such as Epic Cloud, Epicware Live, Informatics, Intellicore, and Myocarditis. However, the primary function of the cloud is to reduce the complexity of the overall implementation. The benefits that come from using the cloud are mainly scalability, convenience, reduction in cost, and reduced time for maintenance.

The second part of the epic EMR system is the hosted private cloud or the data center deployment. This is also the least complicated component. The problem here lies in the fact that there are numerous EMR vendors who offer different solutions and who can change the rules at any given time. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive research about the various options before finalizing the choice of the vendor. The research should include an evaluation of the EMR system from different perspectives, a comparison between the EMR vendors, technical specs of each vendor, and a look at the pricing structure.

The Availability of Technical Support

Another important factor that is worth looking into before choosing a vendor for the new emr system is the availability of technical support. Vendors offer technical support through email, phone calls, chat, and other modes of connectivity. Some vendors also offer online help. With the help of these modes of communication, the vendor helps the healthcare organization in integrating the new electronic medical record system with the current system. Moreover, the healthcare organization can gain easy access to the software code.

Based on the above discussion, the healthcare group has the option of opting for either the traditional or the new epic EMR system. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the evaluation of the revenue cycle services, it is suggested to opt for the new epic EMR if the number of medical groups in your area is very high and the revenue cycle services are low.