In such a large country and traveling on limited time, a fly-in safari Namibia makes it possible for you to experience all the highlighted points of interest without making any sacrifices along the way.

I mean let’s be honest. The average traveler to Africa has less than two weeks. And between traveling there and home, your trip quickly gets narrowed down to a 10-12 day safari. How is it possible then, to experience Sossusvlei’s monumental sand dunes in the south and Etosha National Park or the Himba Peoples in the north? Or even jump borders into the Okavango Delta in Botswana or Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe?

It’s impossible…if you were driving. So why a fly-in safari in Namibia?

Imagine if you and your group came to this conclusion:

“We do not want to join a large group and do not want to drive ourselves. Air or train travel, as available, is acceptable. We seek accommodations that are upper mid-range or above.”

Train? Great. There are options for train travel, just not to the places of interest most visitors to Namibia desire.

Escorted tours are fantastic for some, but is it right for you? If not, what’s your next best option?

The only other option is a fly-in Safari throughout Namibia.

-Visit all the “must see” and “must do” in a short space of time
-Possibly the most romantic option for safari
-Ideal for groups not interested in the self-drive or escorted option
-The most convenient, and sometimes only, way to see Namibia’s more remote regions
-Extraordinary views from the air of the unique topography/geology of Namibia

Fly-in safaris in Namibia easily combine luxury, escorting you to exclusive properties throughout the country (Onguma, Mowani, Kulala, to name a few) with flexibility and exclusivity of a private plane.

In as little as six days you can discover Namibia from the Kunene (far north) to the Fish River Canyon in the far south. In between you can schedule stop-overs in Etosha, Twyfelfontein, Damaraland, Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund, as well as the dunes of Sossusvlei.

So if you only have a small amount of time for safari, but desire a BIG experience, fly-in safari and be charted around on your own private plane.

What is a Custom Safari Package?

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