Although the city of Plano may sound like the name of a cleaning product, it really is a city in high demand for renters moving to the Dallas area. Plano is home to about 100 different rental properties, including apartments, townhomes, garden style homes and mid-rise rentals. Each property has an average of 200 units, for a total average of 20,000 units in the city. An average of 2 people live in each unit, for a total average of 40,000 renters. Considering the city of Plano TX only has a population of 259,841 (as of 2012), 40,000+ renters represents a huge percentage of residents in Plano TX who are dwelling in apartments. Obviously then, apartments in Plano TX are in high demand.

Many of these properties could be considered luxury apartments. Plano luxury apartments are typically of higher quality, newer in construction, and provide above-and-beyond amenities and service. Whether the renter is searching for an average Plano apartment, or a luxury apartment in Plano TX, the population of the city of Plano continues to increase every year according to Census records, and the demand for more rental properties is met by continuing construction of more and more units.

No doubt the high demand has to do with the city of Plano itself being such a desirable place to live, combined with the thousands of rental options and variety to choose from. In fact, many authorities rank Plano as one of the top places to live, with superior ratings in all the criteria that matter the most to people: the unemployment rate, the affluent condition of the city compared to poverty levels, education, crime and safety, cultural diversity, housing options (including sufficient rental options), and access to arts and entertainment. recently declared Plano as the number ONE place to live in 2011. Forbes likewise chose Plano as one of the three top suburbs to live well. The U.S. Census Bureau and CNN Money also declared Plano as one of the wealthiest cities. It’s no wonder, then, that the city of Plano TX has caught the eye of so many renters looking for prime apartments in the Dallas metropolis. If you have to rent an apartment, why not choose one in the BEST city with the highest rankings?

How did organizations such as CNN Money, Forbes, and reach the conclusion that Plano TX is a top city? Below is some of the criteria they considered:

  • The unemployment rate in Plano TX is well below the state average.
  • Plano is one of the most affluent cities in all of America, with an average household income of over $103,000.
  • Not only is the average income high, but also the poverty level is 65% lower than the national average. Crime goes up in areas where you have a huge rift between a large high income sector and a large poverty sector. But Plano has a very small rift with low poverty levels. This brings us to the next point.
  • Forbes named Plano the safest city in America with a population over 250,000.
  • The residents of Plano are highly educated with more than ½ the population having bachelor degrees or up. This is well above the national average.
  • The average age of the residents in Plano is below the state average at 37 years old. Plano has a younger population. Since the average age of renters in the state of Texas is around 30, it becomes apparent why these young renters would be drawn to a younger city.
  • Plano is very culturally diverse.
  • Plano has good schools. Students of Plano TX score 8% above the state average in reading tests, and 13% above the average in math tests.
  • Plano houses many different corporate headquarters, including: Cinemark Theaters, Dell Services, Frito-Lay, Ericsson, Capital One, Alliance Data, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Bearbox Software, HP Enterprise Services, J. C. Penney, Pizza Hut, Siemens, and many more.
  • Plano also offers over 5,600 restaurants located within 15 miles, 69 movie theaters located within 15 miles, 172 golf courses within 30 miles, 5 public libraries, 53 public parks, a 2 acre large public dog park that has become very popular for dog owners in the area, a downtown area that provides a collection of antique shops, offices and historic buildings in a beautiful setting, 2 new and popular Malls, 2 DART stations for public transportation, and community events such as the annual Plano Balloon Festival, and The Plano International Festival.
  • It becomes clear why apartments in Plano TX are in high demand. The city is recognized as a top place to live. Plano offers everything and more a renter could want, plus it boasts over 20,000 rental units to choose from.

Each of the thousands of rental units available are completely unique in their price range, their lay out, their amenities, their location in Plano, and their requirements from renters. Stopping at every one you happen to see or hear about is not only a huge waste of time, but also there is a high risk that you will miss out on the actual property that is the perfect match for you.

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