Trends in the market can sometimes heavily favor either buyers or sellers. When this happens, staying connected to your audience through social media can help you successfully encourage those who are hesitant to get started, keeping your business thriving. 

Explore this month’s prompts to see how you can use your social media plus Designs in Command to keep home sellers and buyers engaged.

Week 1

July 1 – First day of the month, last day of the work week! Use your story to share your summer playlist or a new song that you’ve recently added that you’re excited to start the weekend with. 🎵

July 2 – Remind your potential buyers about the joys of homeownership with a client testimonial. ❤️🏡 Use a testimonial template from Designs to highlight your favorite home-buying success story.

July 3 – The Fourth of July is tomorrow! Make sure your audience knows where and how it’s safe to celebrate. Use your story to pass on local government updates about personal fireworks and share some tips about firework safety during the celebrations. 🎆

Week 2

July 4Happy Fourth of July! 🎆 Use a Fourth of July graphic from Designs to share what the day means to you and ‘spark’ some engagement.

July 5 – Audience looking for a great deal? Highlight a favorite vendor with competitive prices. Make sure to clarify that the lower prices don’t mean lower-quality work!

July 6 – Real estate is all about location, location, location. Use a Neighborhood Snap to highlight the gorgeous neighborhoods in your area and show potential buyers why they may just hold the home of their dreams.  

July 7 – New month, new start. What are your goals for the new quarter? 😤💪 Share with your audience and ask them how they’re doing on their new year’s goals.

July 8 – It’s Friday! Help your audience get outside by recommending the best bike trails in the area. 🚲🏞️ Make sure to post a picture of a view from the trail.

July 9 – Home is where the heart is. ❤️ Share your living room setup and let your audience know the intention behind your furniture layout. 

July 10 – Happy Sunday! Highlight some of the local plants that absolutely thrive in the sunlight, especially in your area. 🌱

Week 3

July 11 – 📈 Show potential homebuyers how much their investment can pay off by sharing a home value graphic from Designs. 

July 12 – It’s so important to have teammates who know how to fall and get back up again. Highlight a teammate who never gives up no matter what. 🙌💯

July 13 – Something’s coming! Give prospective homebuyers a sneak peek with a Coming Soon graphic. 

July 14 – Boy, is it HOT! ☀️🥵 Show off two listings where families can escape the heat with a nice backyard pool

July 15 – There’s nothing more satisfying than a home improvement project you did all on your own (plus a little help from the internet …). Share some home improvement ideas or tips to get your audience excited about the possibilities. 🔨

July 16 – It’s under contract! Show potential homebuyers that the market is still ripe for the picking with an Under Contract announcement from Designs.

July 17 – The weekend is the perfect time to spend time with the people you love. Share some pictures of the people (and pets) who make up your family and express your love for them. 

Week 4

July 18 – Any good real estate agent knows that architecture is ART! Share some culture with your audience by gushing over the beautiful architecture in your area

July 19 – Thinking you might have someone’s dream home on your hands? 💤☁️ Show it off with a For Sale graphic.

July 20 – Nothing livens up a room like some fresh flowers. Post a picture of the plant life in your home and ask your audience about their favorite flowers to put on display. 🌻🌹🌷

July 21 – Use your platform to build the community! Highlight three minority vendors who you love to work with. ❤️

July 22 – Time for a market update! Help your audience understand what’s up with a Market Update graphic. 

July 23 – Help your audience know where they can spend their Saturday. Send out some insights on the best bars in the area! 🎉🍻

July 24 – It’s Summer and that means vacation. 🏖️🩴🐚 Post to your story about the vacation you’re planning or share some photos of the trip you already took this season!

Week 5

July 25 – Help homebuyers see if this house is the perfect fit. Promote your next open house with a graphic from Designs

July 26 – Some homebuyers are ready for a deal in exchange for good bones. 🏠🦴 Show off a listing that may not look like much but has a lot of potential for homebuyers who are interested in home improvement. 

July 27 – Have you been doing your yard work? Let your audience see the fruits of your labor by posting pictures of your lawn to your story. Ask your audience about their best lawn-care tips. 🌾

July 28 – No one knows your neighborhood like you. Share your knowledge with a Local Expert graphic. 

July 29 – You’ve come a long way since you started. Tell your audience about at least one big way you’ve grown since you started your career in real estate. 💪🌟

July 30 – Homeownership is a gift that keeps on giving. Highlight a family who just reached their first year in their home and a family who just reached their 10th year in their home. Talk about the value of homeownership to encourage your potential buyers. 

July 31What’s new? Share something that has been recently added to your life, whether that be a new family member, pet, car, or favorite restaurant. Ask what’s new with your audience! 🙌

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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