As time goes on and the world is slowly turning more and more prone to destruction. Human beings have been polluting the Earth for ages but it has been only recently that the far-reaching effects of these actions can be felt. The rapid climate change owing to the greenhouse effect as the carbon footprint on our planet increases – is just the tip of the hypothetical iceberg. The ocean levels are rising at a level of 3.6mm per year and before long, many coastal areas would be under the sea. Not to mention the pollution that continue to taint our landfills and ends up in oceans; only at the cost of millions of creatures living in the sea.

The truth is that the human race is in denial. And unless some drastic measures are taken and soon – we would have a lot to regret. It is important to bear in mind that we only have one planet that has a human-friendly environment and we have to try hard to protect it at all costs.  

In this article, we have compiled a few ways to conserve energy and hence cut back on losses that escape and contaminate the environment. 

Start Conserving at Home

Although it may sound like a very basic thing but charity always begins at home. Start conserving energy and teach your family to do the same. It does not necessarily have to mean going all out and buying costly energy-friendly materials. No, you can simply start with shutting off any excess light bulbs in your house and keeping the air conditioning and thermostat at the minimum amount possible.

It is also a good idea to let your laundry hang out in the sun whenever possible, rather than employing the use of dryers that lead to energy losses. While it may not be possible in winters, you may use this method in summers with your backyard or a sunny patch serving the function.

Satellite TV Services Are a Win 

Satellite TV services were strongly impacted by the arrival of the cable TV services due to the superior features of the latter. However, you would be surprised to know that satellite TV services are actually much better for the environment. The electric power use is to a minimum, plus since the service primarily works through signals, no heavy or destructive infrastructure has to be mobilized for the setup.

Satellite TV services are a great contender for public attention especially in rural areas where other sources are not available. It provides a large variety of HD channels to choose from including sports and entertainment so you are never left hanging for more.

If you are hoping to switch to satellite TV services, you can check for availability here.

Natural Energy Sources Get Thumbs Up

The changing of the seasons is a rather fulfilling event of the year and should be enjoyed as best as possible. Try to use natural light and warmth as the seasons change. During summers, it might be a great idea to have the windows wide open to catch a little breeze. During winters seal the windows shut to keep the energy losses as less as possible. Even so, you may benefit from lifting the drapes a little and letting the warm morning sun stream in through your window.

A delicious breakfast in the sun’s warm embrace might just be what you need to help kick-start your winter morning!

Insulation Can Work Wonders

Some of the greatest energy losses that happen in the US are through poorly insulated housing that leaches out precious energy. A lot is riding on the heating that we have in our homes. It is difficult to manufacture and hence should be conserved properly.

The level of insulation you should have depends upon the area of your house. Your attic, walls, floors, basement, windows, and crawlspace are the six main areas where you should add a good layer of insulation. It helps save on your heating and in the long run, can also cut back on your heating costs.

Energy-efficient appliances save the day

Although they may have higher upfront costs, it may help to invest in a few energy-saving appliances. Look for the Energy Star label on appliances – those are the kinds that you want to buy. Energy Star appliances come with a federal guarantee that the appliance will consume less energy and is more effective.

For example, a good Energy Star washing machine can save up to 25% energy in losses whereas a refrigerator can save about 9%.


That brings us to the end of our article. By making small lifestyle changes we can become a more effective human race. They may seem like little things at first. Turning off an extra light or getting better bulbs. These small measures today can help us reconsider our actions, rethink, and perhaps walk into a better tomorrow.