A Guide On How to Sublet an Apartment

ByLinda V. Selden

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Are you a college university student going overseas for a semester but you’re stuck in a calendar year-lengthy lease? Or maybe you are a experienced who just landed the best task — but you have to relocate from your apartment in Austin to New York in the center of your latest lease. Subletting your condominium may well be the way to go.

Read on to find out how to sublet an condominium, obtain an apartment to sublet, and rent a sublet apartment.

View of a modern apartment building with ceiling-to-floor windows

What is subletting?


Subletting is when a person else, a subletter, usually takes over your lease for your apartment. For instance, if you signed a twelve-month lease but have to have to go out following 8 months, you may well be equipped to sublet for the remaining 4 months on your lease. Subletting releases you from economic and authorized duty for your condominium.

When you sublet to somebody, they consider more than your full lease for all of the time left on your lease. The new renter will indicator a sublet settlement right with your landlord.

With subletting, you are off the hook for any expenses or damages to your condominium. However, you are nevertheless economically accountable for the apartment. Even if your subtenant does not pay back you lease or utilities as they are intended to, if you are subleasing, you nevertheless have to pay back the landlord.


Subleasing is typically confused with subletting, but the two are a little various.

If you sublease to somebody, they indicator an settlement with you, the existing tenant, not the landlord. The subtenant may well only consider more than portion of the lease. For illustration, if you have 6 months left on your lease and only want anyone to are living there for three months, you would sublease, not sublet. Or, if only 1 space out of a entire home is accessible, you would sublease, as the new subtenant would only be having more than element of the lease for the whole home.

For far more on subleasing, examine out this report from Redfin about how to sublease.

To discover out much more about subletting, continue reading through beneath. You are going to uncover out how to sublet an condominium to someone else and how to rent a sublet apartment if you are on the lookout for a short-term rental.

Is subletting legal?

If you’re taking into consideration subletting your condominium, you may possibly ponder: Is subletting lawful?

The solution to this issue may differ. Dependent on where by you are living and which house management firm you rent from, subletting may possibly or might not be legal. Some landlords do not make it possible for subletting, while some others do. In the meantime, some metropolitan areas and states allow for subletting whilst other individuals really do not.

The greatest way to see if subletting is lawful is to test your community legislation and your existing lease agreement. If your lease does not say something about subletting, you can think that it is lawful. Also, if your state legislation say that subletting is legal, but your landlord doesn’t let it, the condition regulation technically overrides the landlord, so you can theoretically still sublet. On the other hand, you will possible have to negotiate with your landlord.

Regulations about subletting

Frequently, your landlord may perhaps allow subletting, but they may perhaps have selected guidelines close to it. A popular rule regarding subletting is that you have to tell your landlord at minimum a few weeks ahead of you intend to sublet your apartment. Yet another request landlords often have is that they display your subtenant. Examine out your lease to see what guidelines your setting up has about subletting an condominium.

In addition to examining your lease and local legislation to see if subletting is legal, make certain to browse up on the policies all over subletting. You don’t want to obtain a fantastic subtenant only to come across out that your landlord won’t allow for subletting due to the fact you did not notify them in progress.

The bottom line is that you need to notify your landlord as quickly as doable of your intention to sublet. Communicate overtly with them and ensure you are very clear on their anticipations so your subletting knowledge can go as effortlessly as achievable. Also, it is in your greatest fascination to put in writing any agreements you and your landlord make.

Gains of choosing to sublet

For the sublessor

If you are the present-day tenant or sublessor, there are quite a few advantages of subletting an condominium. Most importantly, you are no for a longer time monetarily or legally accountable for what happens to your condominium after the new tenant’s lease starts off. That means that if the subtenant’s pet tears up the carpet, you won’t have to pay for it.

Moreover, you can transfer out of your previous condominium without having breaking your lease, which is normally extremely pricey and from time to time not authorized. Moreover, you won’t have to shell out for two leases at the moment.

Very last, subletting is outstanding from a sublessor’s perspective mainly because you can even now retail store possessions in your apartment although you are away, which you wouldn’t be able to do if you broke your lease and moved out. For occasion, if you are touring abroad for a several months, you can lock up your winter season garments in your apartment’s closet when you are away. So there are quite a few upsides to subletting an condominium to an individual else.

For the subletter

There are also gains for subtenants or the subletter who usually takes about an apartment’s lease. Initially and foremost, sublets supply extra very affordable, small-phrase rentals, which are sometimes furnished. Many condominium buildings do not offer you small-expression leases. If they do supply shorter-time period leases, they are pretty much usually more high priced than a 12-thirty day period lease. Plus, units hardly ever come furnished.

If you hire a sublet condominium, you can indication a short-expression lease, and you won’t have to fork out excess. Furthermore, contrary to with subleasing, you will not have to use the present tenant as a middle particular person to talk with or pay your landlord.

A new tenant researching available sublets in their area

How to sublet as a subtenant

Assess your condition

In advance of you start out hunting for sublets, you will have to do some research. You may well want to search for subjects like the following:

  • Does my town/condition permit subletting?
  • What policies does my city/state have about subletting?
  • For how long do I need a sublet?
  • When do I need to have a sublet to/from?
  • Do I need a sublet that makes it possible for pets?
  • What facilities do I need in a sublet?
  • Will I be going in with roommates?

Hold in thoughts that you almost certainly do not want to sublet if you want a lease over 6 months long. In that situation, it will possible be less difficult to rent than sublet.

Assessment attributes

When you’ve decided that a sublet is the way to go, begin studying sublets available to you.

For every listing you obtain, continue to keep an eye out for likely crimson flags like:

  • You cannot tour the unit ahead of you transfer in
  • The latest tenant or landlord is not responsive to phone calls, email messages, or texts
  • The latest tenant or landlord just cannot solution your queries, or does not abide by up on your concerns
  • The listing incorporates small information or photos
  • Rental photos don’t match what you see on the tour
  • The rental conditions are not what you are hunting for
  • You really do not fairly satisfy application or rental requirements
  • You just can’t follow all community guidelines, these kinds of as noise ordinances and smoking procedures
  • The landlord doesn’t know about the sublet

After you’ve located some flats that may perhaps healthy the bill, schedule a walkthrough of every apartment you are intrigued in, either with the landlord or the latest tenant. Right before the tour, publish down any inquiries you have that weren’t answered in the rental submitting. That way, you really don’t forget them on the tour.

Ask to view the initial sublease

When a sublet looks promising, and you have long gone on a good tour, check with to read as a result of the lease that the original tenant signed as perfectly as the sublet arrangement the landlord would question you to sign if you shift in. Make sure to go through as a result of it slowly and gradually and in depth, no matter how long it is. This is vital due to the fact you will be legally accountable for the unit just after relocating in.

A few queries you may well inquire if it isn’t clear are whether or not you need renter’s insurance policies and whether or not you can split the sublet agreement, and what payments you’re dependable for. Often, breaking a sublet settlement is extra high-priced than breaking a frequent lease settlement or is not permitted at all. And subletters are in some cases covered beneath the authentic tenant’s rental insurance plan, but it’s almost always a very good notion to get your personal insurance policies in any case. You can check with the landlord to see what they need and what they advocate.

When examining your sublet settlement, make positive that your transfer-out date is on or right before the conclude date of the original lease.

Try to remember, when you sublet your new condominium, you will have to follow all of the guidelines and laws outlined in the primary lease as nicely as your sublet settlement.

A new tenant moving into a sublet apartment

Negotiate price ranges and phrases

If the sublet settlement appears good, it may be time for negotiation. Some things you can negotiate are the selling prices and phrases on the lease. For example, you may be able to shell out significantly less for each thirty day period if particular areas, like closets, are unavailable to you or if the unit will be unfurnished when you transfer in.

If it is not in the sublet arrangement currently, question the landlord thoughts about:

  • Move-in day
  • Transfer-out day
  • Every month hire volume
  • Total lease because of for the expression of the lease
  • Security deposit amount and conditions
  • How hire will be paid
  • How utilities will be compensated
  • How operate orders will be taken care of
  • How/where by your landlord can be contacted
  • How mail forwarding will operate for by yourself as well as the latest tenant
  • No matter if or not the unit will be furnished
  • Which areas will be obtainable to you, the subtenant
  • How parking is effective
  • How a lot of people can shift
  • How lots of pets can go
  • Pet insurance policies
  • Visitor policies
  • Group procedures, these types of as smoking regulations and noise ordinances
  • Late service fees
  • How breaches of the sublet arrangement will be taken care of

Very last, it is a fantastic concept to do a damage walkthrough of the rental with the landlord to make a record of imperfections that now exist in the condominium. That way, you will not be held responsible for damages that weren’t your fault when the lease finishes.

If you are leasing a sublet apartment with roommates, look at that the lease spells out what percentage or quantity of utilities each individual subtenant is liable for. Also, make sure all of your roommates are crystal clear on the procedures and polices that occur with subletting in the building you are going into.

Tenant signing the sublet agreement

Indication the sublease settlement

The moment the sublet rates and conditions are apparent and workable for you, signal the sublet agreement.

Arrive well prepared when you strategy to signal the lease. In get to be accepted to shift in, you may perhaps need to give your landlord products these as:

  • Bank statements
  • Work background
  • Paystubs
  • Picture ID
  • References
  • Rental record
  • Social security amount
  • Very first month’s hire
  • Last month’s rent
  • Pet deposit
  • Protection deposit

Final views

Despite the fact that subletting can be complicated, it gives adaptability and personal savings that prolonged-term rentals can’t usually supply. Furthermore, subletting can help save you from breaking your lease and having to pay the steep fines that arrive with that. Anywhere you’re on the lookout to shift, Redfin can assistance you come across the perfect rental for you.