A hot summer day requires an ice-cold drink. If this drink happens to be alcoholic, well, who could blame you? You can find cheap sparkling wine to drink over ice or other affordable wines to make into a delicious wine cooler.

Looking at a variety of small wine fridges or wine coolers, or larger Bodega43 fridges to keep your beverages cool this summer could be the difference between ice-cold and lukewarm drinks. Proper storage will be important not only to keep your beverages cold but to keep them at the right humidity. Correctly storing wines, even if you are going to use them in a wine cooler, will ensure they maintain their full flavours.

Creating That Wine Cooler

There are many ways to drink wine without having a full glass of wine. If you wish to lower the alcohol levels or add more refreshing fluids to the wine, then a wine cooler is the way to go. You can purchase many premade, but there is always the satisfying feeling of making your own. Not to mention the impressed faces of your friends when you whip out a jug of homemade coolers.

The Spritzer

The wine spritzer is a classic for a reason. It is refreshing and delicious and can be made sweet or dry, depending on the wine you use. Usually, a white wine or rosè is mixed with sparkling water. This combination bubbles with potential and will quench your thirst.


A Mexican wine cooler, the kalimotxo mixes a red wine with Coke or Coke Zero if you are worried about high sugar content. This mixture allows for a sweeter flavour with hints of dark fruits and spices from the red wine. A pleasing combination that will satisfy you as your drink for the day. Using a Garnacha wine is a good choice for a Kalimaxto, but you can use any red wine of your choosing.


The traditional Kir uses a crisp white burgundy, such as a Pouilly-Fuissè, mixed with a creme de cassis. A creme de cassis is an alcoholic liqueur filled with the flavour of blackcurrants. To make this a sparkling delight, you could choose a sparkling white wine or dilute it with some sparkling water.


A Bellini speaks to luxury and relaxation. A mixture of Champagne and peach juice set off the day with a bang. This is the traditional manner that a Bellini is made. However, there have been some variations considering the price of Champagne.

One such variation is called a Rossini, which combines strawberry puree or juice with a bubbly Prosecco. You can determine the sweetness by the type of Prosecco you use. You could also use your Prosecco to create a Tintoretto by mixing it with pomegranate juice. Prosecco makes for a good substitute for Champagne. You may wish to experiment with other sparkling wines for your version of the Bellini.


A jug of Sangria is a popular favourite throughout the world. A mixture of red wine, brandy, and orange juice, this spicy wine cooler could be mistaken for juice. You could use a Pinot Noir or Garnacha to make your Sangria. However, any red wine of your choice will create a tasty Sangria. Making your Sangria the day before and allowing the fruit pieces to sit and marinate will bring out the delicate flavours.


Summer calls for fun and freshness. This should be reflected in your drink of choice as well. Whether you find a sparkling wine or wine cooler premade and ready to go or make your own, you will be satisfied with the result.

By Rehan

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