Crimes against personality, encroachments on personal property and unauthorized intrusion into our homes, progressively increase each day. Make sure this does not happen to you! Today, the home alarm systems are not a luxury, but a necessity!

Choose your intelligent home alarm system and get the key to your security.

What is a standard home alarm system?

The main function of a standard home alarm system is to guard small spaces like a house, apartments and offices, notify you or the home security system company for any attempt for penetration or security problem. A home security system can not only protect you from theft. According to your individual needs can be combined with CCTV, fire alarm systems, access control. Such system can be configured for remote observation by local authorities, security company or even the neighborhood watch.

System Configuration

These devices can be connected to various sensors such as volume sensor (detects changes in the volume) (PIR), the door sensor (magnetic contact), etc. thereby enhance the protection of your property (housing). In such system, any alarm situation activates the alarm (usually sound and light siren) or the automatic dialing device of the previously entered different numbers (e.g.: mobile phone, phone servicing of your security company, neighbour hood watch unit, the phone in your office and phone of the police). The door opens only by registered RFID (radio frequency identifier) card or entering a PIN (personal identification number), and any attempt to enter with non-registered card leads to activation of the alarm.

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