Imagine being responsible for seating accommodations for company or school gatherings. What if there are more people than the permanent seating will hold? Where might we place additional chairs without looking cluttered and unprofessional? These never need to be questions asked by companies, educational facilities, churches and other institutions that have purchased ghost chairs. These unique acrylic chairs are comfortable, durable, and may be stored with only low visibility eliminating the feeling of too much in too little space.

Ghost chairs may be used for both informal gatherings and those of a more formal nature. They are easier to move into place immediately that having to find a larger, more bulky and less mobile chair for an unexpected guest.

For those who appreciate the versatility of this chair yet find it a bit pricey, furniture stores and other retailers often advertise sales. There, the interested buyer will find the chair in adult and child sizes, multiple colors as well as nearly invisible acrylic, as well as in a rocking chair design.

Apartment and condominium dwellers often struggle to reduce clutter and the appearance of too much furniture for their few rooms. Clear acrylic chairs eliminate the perception of clutter by stacking in a small amount of space and by being available in seconds when needed.

Child size acrylic chairs are perfect in their versatility as well as their durability. They are easily cleaned and, if desired, easily decorated with acrylic paints and similar art products that may be removed as children’s tastes in decoration change.

Special education teachers, often find non-clear acrylic ghost chairs perfect additions to their classrooms. This especially true for those children who may have physical disabilities that create unsteady gaits and the possibility of falling against a desk or large chair, a hazard. Although the ghost chair would need to be secured by an adult, a slip creating contact with the chair would have minimal consequences compared to metal or wooden chairs.

The wonderful imaginations of children make having a ghost chair in their rooms a wonderful stimulus for imagination, story telling, and other childhood activities. One might observe a doll seemingly floating in space (actually placed in a ghost chair) and then weave an imaginary story around that surprise. These chairs are so comfortable that children may sit in them and imagine themselves sitting at professional office desks,

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