The General Staff reported resistance movements in the occupied territories

The Basic Personnel described resistance movements in the occupied territories

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“In cities and villages that have been temporarily seized by the invaders, the resistance movement is actively creating,” the information reads.

In the meantime, according to the General Staff members, Russia is continuing to suffer significant losses in all spots where by they are making an attempt to progress.

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Russia attempted to seize Kyiv at the start off of its full-scale invasion of the state in Feb. 24, but has due to the fact been defeated outdoors the Ukrainian capital and retreated from north-central Ukraine.

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The Kremlin then announced that it was reorienting its “special army operation” – in actuality a complete-scale war and invasion of Ukraine – to the Donbas area, where by it experienced beforehand captured some territory in 2014.

Even so, much more than a month later invading Russian forces have made only a few gains in the Donbas, and their offensive appears to be faltering. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast has recaptured numerous villages from which Russian forces ended up shelling Ukraine’s next-biggest town.