Every item needs repair when it’s broken. As owners we should get a guaranteed service when having something fixed, especially if these are our investments. Solar panels have cost owners money, therefore they are worth to be taken care of. Solar panels need maintenance to prolong its durability. Some solar panel companies offer repair and maintenance by assigning their solar panel repair technician to whoever needs their service. On a cloudy day, solar street lighting continues to charge; however, because clouds diffuse the strength of the sunlight, the charge is lower. However, Leadsun systems are appropriately sized to ensure that the solar-panel-to-battery ratio can provide at least 3 days of battery autonomy, allowing the application to maintain minimum lighting levels at all times.

Duties of Solar Panel Repair Technician

Monitor Installed Solar Panels

They are responsible for regular monitoring of solar panels installed to their clients. Annual monitoring and maintenance is needed for each solar panel system installed. This is done to check the condition of your solar panel system. They have to make sure the solar panels are still intact and have no damages. By conducting regular check ups deterioration can be avoided. 

Daily remote monitoring is also possible, since they can access your solar panel’s status. Just in case they can see a problem they can easily assist you by visiting your home as soon as possible to fix the issue. Remote troubleshooting can also be done to repair your solar panel or any of its structure.   

Responds to Emergency Situation 

They can respond to life threatening situations related to solar panel system failure or concerns. This service is available 24/7. Solar technicians are ready to respond if the situation involves human safety. They are willing to be available anytime you need them since they value their customers especially in this kind of situation. 

Cleaning Services

Solar panels are delicate when it comes to cleaning. Well trained technicians are needed to be able to thoroughly clean your solar panels and its devices. Proper cleaning can avoid damages and they can guarantee that your solar panels will be taken care of well because they know the details on how to remove anything that can damage your solar panels. Solar panels are prone to dust and other debris since it is exposed outside the home, therefore cleaning is mandatory in order to preserve its durability and to be able to function efficiently. 

Transfer and Inspection Services

In cases where you decide to move to a new home and want to bring your solar panels with you, solar panel repair technicians at Solar Alternatives can assist you since they are knowledgeable in installing solar panels  and vice versa, then they can move it for you and reinstall in your new place. Inspections are also included in their transfer services. It’s ideal to check the new place on where and how they can install the solar panels, in that way, everything will go smoothly. Paper work for the transfer is also handled by them. 

Requirements on How to Become a Solar Panel Repair Technician


Aspiring technicians should have a highschool diploma. They then have to take solar panel installer courses from any colleges or technical schools. Basic safety, solar panel knowledge and system design can be taken by them. Online training courses for this are also available.   


After they have taken the necessary courses they need to do hands on training. Hands on training is extremely relevant since this is where they can master their skills in installing solar panels and its structures. Apprenticeships are open for them to be able to complete training modules. 


Energy Practitioner certificates are often required when aspiring for a solar panel repair technician. This certification can be proof that they are ready to work as a technician. 

Mechanical Skills 

Since the work requires installing lines and knowledge on electrical systems are needed, solar panels installation should be done by experts to be able to be placed properly. Having the right skills can make their job efficient. 

Being a solar panel repair technician requires training to be able to master the skills they need. This can make them a qualified worker for solar panel companies. Getting high skilled workers can serve as an asset to the company. What’s more, it can be beneficial for their clients, since having a skilled technician can make every repair possible and with outstanding results. With this they can build a good relationship with their clients as well as serve them whenever they need their services.