Bottom loading water dispenser vs top loading: Which one I Should Buy?

Water dispensers are very convenient for any household that consumes a lot of bottled water. Easy access to clean drinking water on demand eliminates the need to carry heavy water bottles to the store.  We all know how crucial it is to stay hydrated, and having access to clean, safe water is essential for our health and well-being. But sometimes, getting the right amount of water throughout the day can be hard. Water dispensers provide a convenient, easy-to-use solution by giving you easy access to water whenever needed. It has several types, but top-loading and bottom-loading dispensers are the two most popular styles.

Top load water dispensers 

These are the most common type of its segment. They are typically large and rectangular, with a lid on the top. To use the dispenser, you simply lift the lid, place the large water bottle inside, and close the lid. The water is then dispensed from the spout at the bottom of the unit. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to use and allows convenient refilling. You don’t need to bend down or reach underneath the unit to refill the bottle.

Bottom Load water dispensers

These are becoming increasingly popular. These units are typically smaller and more compact than top-load dispensers, making them ideal for smaller spaces. To refill a bottom load dispenser, you simply need to open the lid at the bottom of the unit and place the water bottle inside. The water is then dispensed from a spout at the top of the unit. One of the biggest advantages is that it eliminates the need to lift and replace heavy bottles. If you are looking for one of these, then panasonic bottom-loading water dispenser is a great option for you. 

Major difference Between Top Load and Bottom Load Water Dispensers

Both types of dispensers offer convenience and ease of use, but there are some key differences between the two. Top-load dispensers are generally larger and require more space, while bottom-load dispensers are usually smaller and more compact. Also, top-load dispensers are generally more expensive than bottom-load dispensers. 

Moreover in top loads, The water is chilled before it is dispensed, so it takes longer to get a cup of water. In bottom loads, The water is chilled quickly and immediately available for use. 

Along with that, in top loads, the water is exposed to the air, which makes the water more contaminated, whereas, in bottom loads, The water is not exposed to the air, so it is less likely to become contaminated.


When it comes to choosing a suitable water Dispenser for your home, it’s important to consider your space and budget. If you have a lot of space and are looking for a larger unit, then a ‘top load’ may be the best option. However, if you are limited in space and are looking for a more affordable option, then a bottom-load water dispenser such as the Panasonic Bottom Loading Water Dispenser might be the best choice. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

By Rehan

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