Video: Body cam captures 1-year-old rescued from apartment fire

The sheriff’s office said while an evacuation was underway, one of their deputies sprung into action to help a baby down from a three-story building.

ORLANDO, Fla — An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy helped rescue a baby from a burning apartment fire Saturday, and it was all caught on video.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the apartment fire started early Saturday morning, according to a Facebook post. While evacuations were taking place at the Isles of East Millenia apartments on Lake Fountain Drive in Orlando, they noticed a mother and baby on a third-story apartment balcony crying for help. 

Orange County Deputy Puzynski’s body-worn camera captured the entire rescue of the 1-year-old baby girl while smoke and flames erupted from the roof of the apartment. 

The sheriff’s office said due to the “imminent danger,” Puzynski sprung into action, climbing up the outside balconies in order to help retrieve the child. The deputy initially ripped off his ballistic vest, which his camera attaches to, but the vest fell in a way that still allowed a camera view of what happened next.

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“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” I’m coming,” Puzynski said.

After quickly climbing up the balcony, the mother was able to hand her daughter down to the deputy who was on the second-floor apartment balcony.

“Grab this baby,” Puzynski said as he was headed down from the second floor.

The video snippet from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stops after they were able to safely secure the 1-year-old girl. However, the happy ending doesn’t end there. Orange County firefighters were then able to bring the mother and grandmother down by a ladder, the sheriff’s office said. 

No deaths were reported, the sheriff’s office said, and no deputies were injured. 

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