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There is something undeniably enticing about living in a villa that even the grandest apartments cannot match up. Maybe it’s the extra space or the additional privacy that many homeowners forget about. Over recent years, the Abu Dhabi real estate market has seen numerous villa communities developing to cater to the growing needs of both the locals and expats in the capital.

While many homeowners and investors will be happy with a 1- or 2-bedroom villa, others are looking for something a little bigger. With that in mind, here are some of the top real estate projects in Abu Dhabi that provide 3-bedroom villas worth checking out.

Al Reef

Al Reef continues to be one of the most consistent spots for real estate investments in Abu Dhabi. The area features a selection of reasonably priced apartments and villas for sale. One of its advantages is that Al Reef is equidistant from some of the other popular hotspots in the city, like Yas Island. From an investment point of view, Al Reef is a suitable option as it’s still developing, and buyers have the freedom to snap up such houses at a good price before they get more expensive.

Bloom Living

If your heart is set on a 3 bedroom villa Abu Dhabi, look no further than Bloom Living. Bloom Holding can help you find the villa of your dreams. This development is situated within Toledo and comes with multiple parks, amenities, and a community clubhouse that provides easy access to sports and recreational facilities, pools, and a wellness center. 

Yas Island

Another island community to check out is Yas Island. This spot has several upcoming villa developments, making it a perfect area to invest in Abu Dhabi properties. The villas in Yas Acres and West Yas are ones that appear to garner the biggest level of interest. This is all down to their beautifully designed properties. Yas Island boasts a selection of 3 bed villas that homebuyers and investors should definitely look into.

Saadiyat Island

Regarded as Abu Dhabi’s cultural capital, Saadiyat Island is surrounded by blue waters and mangroves, making it one of the most picturesque areas to live in the city. Saadiyat Island is also a hotspot for property investors. Some of the most exclusive properties on Saadiyat Island are its beach villas. These come with an abundance of high-end amenities that promote all things luxury living. A 3-bedroom villa in Saadiyat Island is roughly 5.7M AED.

Hydra Village

Hydra Village is a gated community in Abu Dhabi that boasts a wide selection of gorgeous 3-bedroom villas. This development is altering the UAE landscape. Hydra Village is a smart, eco-friendly, gated community that can be found at the entrance of Abu Dhabi. What’s more, Hydra Village is known as one of the best areas in the UAE to purchase affordable villas.

Whether you’re a homeowner in search of a new abode or you’re an investor looking to make big bucks, there are an array of 3-bedroom villas you can purchase across Abu Dhabi that will cater perfectly to your wants and needs.

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