The pursuing assets transfers have been recorded in the Trumbull town clerk’s office from May possibly 28 by way of June 3.

159 Plymouth Ave.

William R. Giff to Philip Reardon Jr.


35 Wooden Ave.

John A. Verrelli to Maria Giarrizzo


2380 Huntington Turnpike

Ryan Douglas to Michael Drowne


267 Strobel Street

Pia S. Turzer to Victor Moran


23 Barnswallow Street

Basil Amso to Dima Amso


205 Lake Ave.

Karen Barski to Kathleen Ridhalgh


58 Clemens Ave.

S S Tile and Marble LLC to James Girolamo


181 Lake Ave.

John Leach to Antonia M. Martins


10 Lindberg Travel

John A. Magocsi to Deborah Murray


17 Brewster Put

James Kammerman to Ariel Maria


145 Wendy Road

Paul J. Klabonski to Neil Patel


Device 605 Woodland Hills Condominium

Carlos A. Angelo Jr to Shivani Priya


38 Bullfrog Lane

Hoa Bui to Discussion board Bheda


650 Fairchild Road

Jonathan H. Taylor to Connor Thomas O’Grady


59 Ridgeview Ave.

Steven E. Burns to Taylor N. Severson


161 Governor Trumbull Way

May well Lana C. Hu to Eric S. Shoji


56 Blackhouse Road

Paul Pantalena to Andrew W. Bausch


1020 Old Town Street

Prek Syku to Imari D. Ventura Rochez